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www.GrosirLayangan.com  is an online kite' shop that provide competition glass strings  as the main product.

Competition Glass Strings is a special kite's lines (very strong and sharp compare to the ordinary kite's lines) that made for kite's combat championship.

We are  also  providing fighter kites, figure kites and  non competition glass strings at wholesaler's price.

Our Kite Shop provides 2 kinds of fighter kitesmore than 10 Finest quality of competition glass string,  7 shapes of 3D figure kites and  more than 20 brands of Glass String with various types and sizes.


With the great support of our craftsmen from several regions in West Java and Central Java, We are able to make a nice fighter kites, great 3D figure kites, Finest competiton glass string and fit non competition glass string.  


Why Buy from Us?


  1. With the great support of our craftsmen  from several regions  in West Java and Central Java, We are able to present You fighter kite, figure kites, competiton glass strings and glass strings with nice quality  . 

  2. Guaranteed product's quality and it's  authenticity. Our craftsmen has more than 15 years experiences in making fighter kite, figure kites, competition glass strings and also glass strings. 

  3. We are able to deliver Your order to  all  around the world, fast, safe delivery and with the lower prices (using EMS International) 

  4. Ease of time and cost saving, no need to travel accross the nations.  Just contact us and We will send Your Kite and Kite lines to Your home address. 

  5. We always keep  our commitment to all of Our Customers.  We guarantee that  every  purchase order that You made will always  be delivered to You.  So, You will feel secure and convenient to make transactions with Us. 

  6. We accept Paypal, Wire-Transfer and Western Union.





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