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Fighter Kites that Available in Our Kite Shop www.GrosirLayangan.com 


 Fighter Kites of Grosir Layangan

 Fighter Kites 58 and 70
(Attention! 58 and 70 is not the size in cm, it's only the fighter kite's code)


Our Kite Shop provide 2 kind of Fighter Kites, which is 58 and 70.

Our fighter kites' quality is classified better (based on Indonesia's standard) compared to the others fighter kites that available in Indonesia.

For Fighter Kites 58, 1 package contain 1000 pcs, that means, Minimum Order is 1000 pcs of fighter kites.

While for Fighter Kites 70, 1 package contain 500 pcs, that means, Minimum Order is 500 pcs of fighter kites.



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